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It’s hockey, in spaceships, on an obstacle course, with psychedelic visuals and a pulse-pounding soundtrack.

Launch Tournament Details – $1,000 Cash Prize

More info coming soon!

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Go Go Electric Samurai is one big, stylish space battle designed for intense competition. Players pilot impractically designed (but cool-looking) spaceships in 1v1 to 3v3 setups, all trying to get the ball in the opposing team’s net while shooting down enemy players.

Each stage is a colourful, circular arena, bordered by a musical wall that pulses along with the soundtrack. The ships all come with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Smaller ships are faster and more maneuverable, while larger craft are slower but can withstand more missiles. Are you on the offense? Defense? Or both?

The game is built with a community in mind, so we’re looking to you for feedback on what power-ups/features you’d like to see in the game. Let us know what you think in the GGES Discord server!

The game is also supported with community tournaments, including a launch tournament that has a $1,000 prize pool! Scroll down for tournament details.


Official “How To Play” Video!


GGES Tournament Rules

– Format: 2v2 (two teams of two players each)
– Teams face off in a Best-of-3 match according to the bracket. Winner goes on. There can be only one.
– For each 2v2 match, one player selects “Host Match.” This generates a private room code, which the other 3 players can enter by selecting “Join Host.”
– The default stage is Cognition, but all other stages are playable in tournament as well.
– Each tournament awards $40 to the 1st place team and $20 to 2nd place
– $1000 Grand Finale!
– All brackets can be found here: http://challonge.com/users/GGESofficial

During any tournament, please join the community and devs in the GGES Discord server (chat): discord.gg/SW2ku9V

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